Western hunter Classics specializes in authentic refinishing, repair, restoration, checkering, custom and classic exotic wood inlays, and custom stock work on Weatherby and other fine rifle and shotgun stocks.
Refinishing, repair, restoration, checkering, inlays, and custom stock work for Weatherby and other fine rifles and shotguns by Western Hunter Classics.
33211 SE 27th St.-Washougal, WA 98671— Phone: (360) 835-9660
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Western Hunter Classics can inlay your stock as part of an upgrade & restoration or refinish.
 a.. Blackhawk helicopter picture: A "work in process" custom inlay of a Blackhawk helicopter, executed in ebony on a zebrawood background on a Mark V Weatherby stock, by Western Hunter Classics b.. (Cobra coiled): Western Hunter Classics can custom design inlays to your specifications - here's a Cobra, inlaid on a Weatherby Varmintmaster stock, using striped ebony on a myrtlewood background! c.. Prairie dogs: A school of prairie dogs created with burl Myrtlewood on an ebony background - a custom inlay by Western Hunter Classics on a Weatherby Mark XXII rifle. d.. SCI lion logo: Safari Club International lion logo, re-created in burl myrtlewood on a Weatherby Mark V lazermark stock - another Western Hunter Classics custom design.
For all those beautiful discontinued Weatherby factory inlay patterns, Western Hunter Classics can inlay them in your stock as part of an upgrade & restoration or refinish, to give you an authentic custom stock. Shown are four examples, of the many available.
Western Hunter Classics can re-checker your stock as part of a refinish or restoration, and customize the pattern as shown in this Weatherby "before and after" example.
If we can't do it right, we won't do it. Period!
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